Our evangelization ministry includes the processes and programs for Adult Faith Formation, which vary from year to year. They include Liturgy, Sacraments and Worship, Missions, Retreats, Spirituality, and Church History. Some programs are scheduled on an ongoing basis through the year, while others may be scheduled as a short series or on a one time basis. For the most up-to-date information regarding programs, please call the office or check the bulletin.

Adult Faith Formation Committee
The Adult Faith Formation Committee works with the Director of Evangelization to plan, execute, and evaluate adult learning opportunities that respond to the needs of the parish community. In addition the team coordinates its efforts with those of other parish ministries. The Committee plays a major role in representation of the diverse elements and groups within the community. While the team strives to honor the gifts and talents of each member, the members are also expected to embody certain competencies: each member, with the help of the Director of Evangelization acquires [or has] a basic understanding of adult learning theory and program planning principles.

Our Young Adult Ministry provides a space for those ages 18-35 to spend time in fellowship, building community, serving, and sharing in God’s word in a way that relates to the realities of their moment in life. Meetings are held Tuesdays, twice a month in House #5 at 6:30pm. Please check the calendar for meeting times.

This Scripture study offers a balance of scholarship, reflection, prayer, and application. Witness talks, discussion, and audiovisual materials are the methods used to study the different books from the Old and New Testaments. Meetings are held weekly on Tuesday mornings at 9:15am in Parish House #2, October – June. For more information, please contact Sherie Zebrowski,

This group of Catholic men comes together to share their Catholic faith as they reflect on and discuss the Sunday Mass readings in anticipation of the Sunday Eucharist. Meetings are held weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm in Parish House #2. For more information, contact Jerry Ruffino, 386-846-6182,

Through Lectio Divina, this group of Catholic women reflects and discusses the Sunday Mass readings in anticipation of receiving the Eucharist. Meetings are held weekly on Thursday evenings in Parish House #3. For more information, contact Mary Hoag, 386-761-9691,

A spirituality of marriage shows how couples reveal Christ, build community, and reach out to others in love. This group participates in spiritual & social experiences with married couples at Epiphany. Gatherings are held once a month in the Parish Center. For more information or to RSVP, contact Craig & Tracy Eisner, 386-882-2379,

In this group, Catholic women who have the desire to deepen their spirituality gather together for prayer, reflection, and support. Gatherings are held weekly on Monday nights at 5:30pm in Parish House #2. For more information, contact Gloria Markette, 386-453-7542,

Centering Prayer is a method of prayer which prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence. Gatherings are held weekly on Wednesday mornings at 9:15am in Parish House #2. Form more information, contact Kathy Kotas, 386-316-9035,

This movement helps the laity discover and achieve their calling to live and share what is fundamental to being Christian. Cursillo is a three-day short course in Christian living; Ultreya is a monthly fellowship meeting. Ultreya meets on the second Monday of the month in the Parish Center. For more information, contact Judy Neely, 386-295-7983,

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a renewal process designed to give both the individual and the parish community an opportunity for growth and renewal. Renewal experiences are held each year for both men & women. LEARN MORE