Welcome CRHP 2.0 – Letter From Fr. Karl

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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I receive many joys in serving as your Pastor and I would like to share a special blessing that is available to all of us in the Catholic Community of Epiphany – Welcome CRHP 2.0 (previously known as Christ Renews His Parish – or CRHP). Welcome CRHP 2.0 is a renewal process available for us as individuals and for our entire church community. We started the program here at Epiphany in March 2011 and we now conduct renewal weekends, one for men and one for women in October and November.

Welcome CRHP 2.0 is proving to be a true blessing to those that have taken part in a renewal weekend. We as members of this faith community are also sharing these blessings as these men and women bring their renewed love of Jesus into our parish. They feel the love of God and now share that love with all of us. Welcome CRHP 2.0 is now a key part of our spiritual growth as a community.

I urge you to learn more about Welcome CRHP 2.0 by browsing our website, reading articles in our bulletin and talking to your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who have attended a Welcome CRHP 2.0 renewal weekend. This is your opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit to renew your love of Jesus our Lord and Savior and your love for the family that we call “The Catholic Community of Epiphany”.

How Blessed We Are!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Karl Bergin, Pastor