Matrimonymatrimony exchange of wedding rings
The Catholic Church believes that Christian Marriage is a sacred covenant, entered into by a man and a woman, who commit themselves to each other, through Christ, for a partnership of life and love.

Couples are asked to be active parishioners prior to the beginning of the preparation process. If not registered in the parish this is a good time to do so.

Our Church desires that couples enter into marriage with the highest degree of freedom and knowledge about the vows they will exchange before God and humanity. Prior to setting the date for the wedding the Priest or his delegate will meet with couple and determine their freedom to marry according to Canon Law.

Following the initial visits with priest or his assistant, the wedding date will be set and put on the Church Calendar.

The priest or his assistant will then direct the couple to:

(a) Pre-Cana or the Engaged Encounter;
(b) through the Focus process;
(c) and will make sure all necessary paperwork is completed and in order.

Meetings with Church Musician, Wedding Coordinator may also be scheduled after Wedding date is established.

Contact: Deacon Mark Nash 386-767-6111