Christmas Message from Epiphany’s Pastor

My Dear Brothers & Sisters,

During the Christmas season, the world is beautiful, joyful and filled with happiness because of the birth of the Christ Child Jesus. For those of us who believe in Christ as our Savior, it is a time of great spirituality and thanksgiving for the gift He gave of Himself by entering the world as a simple human baby and by offering Himself up for our sins.

During this holy season, let us aspire to be like Jesus and follow His Words — to forgive and to love. May your epiphany be this Divine Child who brings transformative grace and is an oasis of peace throughout all the days of our lives.

To our members who are in pain whether due to the loss of a loved one, sickness or other problems, I hope and pray this great mystery of Christmas and Christ’s love will bring you comfort and consolation. Always know — you are not alone. The God of love, who gave us life, sent His only Son to be with us in all places. We never have to feel lost in our struggle but can trust that He walks with us.

May our loving Msgr. Val Sheedy who passed last July and all our loved ones, who are called into the next life, join the saints and the angels in heaven to sing and ring the bells for the birth of our Lord Jesus.

I wish to give you my profound gratitude for your faith, resources and ministries which make Epiphany a manifestation of Christ’s presence, His joy and love. On behalf of Fr. Karl Aschmann, Fr. Glenn Parker and the office staff, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and grace-filled New Year.

God Bless,
Fr. John Bosco Maison